domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Una marca


Don’t tread so softly. Leave a trace for once. Drop breadcrumbs on the trail so they know where to find you. Make a hard splash in the waves.
Carve a deep groove in the sand. Write your name in window fog. Wail into the blindness of a black night. Smash your fist so hard on a table the legs shake and your drink spills. Not because you are furious. Not because you are bearing the weight of everything you lost. But because you are here, occupying space and time, turning your allotment of days into a thread of stories you are still weaving. Make yourself known. Take a breath and clear your voice from the camouflage of things. Place the single mark
of a fingerprint into the earth. Purge your light from the anonymous dark.

Maya Stein

Da ganas, si. Y también da miedo. Y el miedo puede ser parte del equipo,
o puede ser paralizante. Y ahi se empobrece la cosa, la vida.
Ojalá con con las ganas y el miedo, y los nervios que da,
podamos animarnos a abrir nuestra silla en alguna parte.
Porque seguro, sin duda, tenemos algo para aportar.

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